20 years old, 0 pregnancies

“I’ve struggled with anorexia for four years but am now recovering. On April 30 [2010] I had emergency abdominal surgery – an exploratory laparotomy. As a result, my stomach very distended and will be for some time as it heals. It’s something I’m struggling to accept.”


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6 responses to “20 years old, 0 pregnancies

  1. I feel your pain… I had an exploratory lap when I was 30 and it left an awful scar .. so I took up bellydancing and now I dance professionally, scar and all…..

  2. Betty

    Thanks for sharing, very brave. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  3. sandiu

    Be strong, you can do it! It is just a test and already passed it!

  4. Alexandria

    still beautiful girl! blessings for a safe recovery and a healthy life!

  5. Cathy

    I had this procedure done 40 years ago and like you I didn’t deal with it . Until I realised that scar was for life. It represented that I had survived. I made friends with it and it never stopped me wearing bikinis .

  6. Jessica

    Hi ,
    What did u use for the scar as I had an emergency abdominal surgery after a car accident and have the same scar/incision.

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