17 years old, 0 pregnancies, no history of eating disorders


(I feel the need to specify that because I do actually get asked – or sometimes accused – of having an eating disorder on occasion. If I could put on weight, I would, but my high metabolism has always prevented me from doing so. It has been a pretty big problem for me in the past, though I have gained more self-confidence and feel much better about my body image as of late. I’ve realized that it really doesn’t matter what other people think about you, all that matters is that you love yourself, because in the end all we are is human. We all have faults and imperfections, that’s never going to change, so all we can really do is learn to embrace them.)


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4 responses to “17 years old, 0 pregnancies, no history of eating disorders

  1. That’s nice and my name is Aryan Singla I am in 7grade.

  2. funny14life

    I know a couple of people just like you, and I can sympathize because it is a struggle to gain weight since your body is REALLY good at burning the foods you eat. Yay you! I’m happy you came to turns with your body and some day you can actually gain the weight. It IS possible but it’s hard work. Just like losing weight, gaining weight with a high metabolism IS hard work. I just had to say that because many people don’t think it is, but I know it is.

  3. Aryan

    I am now in it eight grade .
    I am happy for you.

  4. victoriad

    I had the same problem until I hit menopause. It’s been a hard adjustment to limit my food, instead of trying hard to eat more. If by chance your joints are hypermobile (double jointed) you might have ehlers-danlos.

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