40 years old, 0 pregnancies

Chronic endometriosis caused an ovary to rupture at age 30 requiring an exploratory laparotomy, which gave me the large scar extending from my navel.

At age 34 I took up bellydancing to heal the internal scarring and began performing professionally a few years later. My hands are in the signature mudra of my dance group PURE (PURE International and PURE New York City).


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5 responses to “40 years old, 0 pregnancies

  1. Katherine

    I too have endometriosis and have scars on my belly from surgery. Im glad theres some one no afriad to show theirs off.

  2. Thank you, Katherine!! After my surgery — and three herniated discs the year after — I never thought I’d walk without pain or wear a bikini again. Bellydance helped me break up a lot of the internal scar tissue, as well as strengthen my back — and strengthen my confidence when I saw how many other women just like me were dancing. My group PURE put together a show about developing a positive self-image through dance, which Dr. Rayne very kindly promoted on her blog. Here is our latest video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUS-rVRPQO4 As you can see, we are all different shapes and sizes!

  3. dawn

    Omg!! i loved it.. i hate the sterotypical images of what is considered beautiful.. did a search on the internet for real women’s bodies.. under images…and they showed pictures like pamela anderson..angelina jolie and many others.. most of the what the sterotypical image is..during my search i came to this website.. and saw a link to your video… i just loved it to be able to move like that.. *grinz* inspired me to try a bit of it myself.. so i am going to look up belly dancing on the web.. thanks so much for your post…it was fabulous

  4. How wonderful, Dawn!! Bellydancing is an excellent way to reclaim our bellies and our bodies. There’s a pretty comprehensive list of dance teachers here: http://shira.net/directory/dir-us-ny.htm

    There are also many excellent videos produced by World Dance New York and Ginger City.


  5. Snow

    Wonderful belly! I have struggled with endo too. I believe in some way it teaches us how to love and appreciate our bodies more. All the best to you!

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