26 years old, 0 pregnancies


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22 responses to “26 years old, 0 pregnancies

  1. Jessica

    I don’t these pics are reflective of real women. They may actually make most feel worse.

  2. Michele


    Of course these photos are reflective of real women, they ARE real women. None of these are photoshopped in any way and just because your body may not look like theirs doesn’t mean that this must be an unrepresentative group of women.

  3. Ana

    @ Jessica

    I agree with you.

  4. Allison

    Good grief! I thought this project was the work of a sex educator and a midwife. I’m sure I can look at any stock media photo if I want to see the taut, concave abdomens of thin women in their teens and twenties that have never carried a baby. What exactly is the intent here??

  5. hmmm

    this website is honestly depressing. photo after photo of model-perfect bodies.


    talk about backfire.

  6. …not to mention the comments- i am reading comments saying “belly to DIE for”..”My belly is scary compared to yours”..all very self defeating -negative outlooks on the female form.. I logged on for some empowerment and am logging off feeling dismayed.

  7. Susan

    Do the majority of women feel so poorly about their bellies that they don’t post photos? The select few have no reason to not post–they fit the “image” the rest of us are trying to live up to! Disappointing, not empowering.

  8. Flo

    Came on here trying to see other ‘normal’ bellies as I am a bit wobbly since recovering from an eating disoder. Pictures like this bring back all the negative thoughts. My belly is so much larger than this.

  9. Mainee

    @Flo but this person is super skinny….

  10. meghan

    yep, my belly looked that good too until i turned twenty, got pregnant, and now have had two c-sections! if i wanted to be reminded of the youth i lost, and the stomach i will never get back without surgery, i would go to some porn sight, or heck, any lingerie or swim suit sight. this sight should empower women to have closer on what they gave up to bear their beautiful children, or the struggles they deal with medically, or TRUE mentalities. now, there is no way i can post my picture, thanks lady. put down your shirt and delete this crap. eh……., well maybe you should leave it. i saw a little cellulite flab under your tush.

  11. Miranda

    Don’t shoot me for saying it, but i think she’s sucking it in a bit…

  12. pretty sure she is sucking in a bit since you usually can’t see ribs like that unless inhaling and note the posture..

  13. Stacy C.

    I thought this site was going to have pictures of real and VARIED women. Unfortunately, the only ones who want to post (as a means of showing off, IMO) are those with thin bodies and taut abs! What a giant, failed experiment…It’s depressing.

  14. Bjur

    Look at all of you just being horrible! Holy fuck, it’s not her fault that YOU folks have such bitter, nasty self-hating hangups about your own bodies. I’m 23, 5’8″ and 186lbs after having lost 20lbs, so that’s a LOT of extra weight and loose skin to carry about and I’m striped like a zebra to the point where I don’t do relationships out of sheer insecurity’s sake, but I’m not going to attack someone for obviously working hard on something she felt was important to work on. Grow up.

  15. caitlin

    she looks like me and i’m really insecure about my body. so, this actually was a good thing for me. different people worry about different things and I’m betting women don’t post their pics up here unless they feel some stress about some aspect of their anatomy.

  16. badboy4u@aol.com

    Whats up with the grannie panties? She’s 26, not 62!

  17. cortney

    reading this makes me angry… they have all types of women showing there bodies on here every woman is built diffrent.. god makes us diffrent for a reason be happy with your self.. IF IT BOTHERS YOU DONT FREAKING LOOK AT IT.. grow up.. i think she looks beautiful

  18. Rachel

    Hey, thanks for posting all types of bellies. A lot of women are n here complaining, please ignore them. You post all types of bellies and I’m not surprised the post of a thin woman causes ugly comments.

  19. Emily

    Insecure women, stop judging and criticizing women who exercise, eat healthy, and care for their bodies. Thumbs up to the poster who shows that not all women’s stomachs are pudgy and misshapen. I too gained weight and looked fat and felt unhappy. Instead of complaining about it and using my thyroid disorder as an excuse, I began a Paleo diet and exercised 5-6 days a week. Now my body is firm, I feel healthy, my body is healthy, and I am secure about myself. Maybe you all should take the initiative to exercise and eat well instead of insulting strangers online, huh?

  20. Elisabeth

    I don’t believe that the point of this blog is to exclude certain types of women. If some bellies are slimmer than others or have more muscle tone than others, why should that make any woman feel less good about her own belly? We are all beautiful and different. The point of this website is not to compare ourselves to other women and hope to find ourselves more desirable, but to see that there are so many varieties of bellies and all of our bellies have value in their unique shape.

  21. Krystle

    There is no pucture I have to post here because I just stumbled on this site, but I have had stretch marks since I was 12, was anorexic at14, had surgery that made scares on my stomach at 18 and a c-section at 21.. I have gained and lost weight in my 29 years like you can’t believe. Been self conscious, happy and confused about my body. Also of a normal weight, to skinny, and just today my boyfriend that actually does love me very much asked me if I was pregnent (and yes, that really hurt). I don’t like to see this girls perfect flat belly any more then the rest of us but when I see a site l see a site like this I think it’s not just for those of us that aren’t “perfect” in our eyes that’s ghat think we’re fat or have flaws but also for those who work hard to be “perfect” or might get made fun of for being “too” skinny or maybe just don’t feel pretty. It’s wrong of any of us to be hard on any one that post on here because we don’t know what the feel but we do know how it feels to be told we aren’t pretty.. Why would you want to do that to anyone else

  22. Bex

    I am actually ashamed coming on here and reading these comments. This woman has a stomach, and wanted to post a picture of it, so she did. Yes, she is on the slim side, but there is no need to state this project is failed and ridicule this woman just because her stomach is smaller than yours. Everyone is different, and maybe she is very insecure about her body and posted this for some empowering replies, to instead get accusation. We all look different, and just because someone with model proportions posted, doesn’t mean that she is ruining the site.

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