21 years old, 1 pregnancy (currently 6-10 weeks pregnant in this picture, unsure of conception)


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20 responses to “21 years old, 1 pregnancy (currently 6-10 weeks pregnant in this picture, unsure of conception)

  1. Kaitlin

    What exactly do you mean “unsure of conception”?

  2. Liv

    She probably means she does not know the exact date of conception

  3. megan

    fucking nasty why would you show such a picture.

  4. Emma

    Megan – wow. I can’t believe how blind you are. This picture is beautiful. This woman has life inside of her and has learned to love herself enough to know that what ignorant people like you think doesn’t matter.

  5. Deana

    I agree with Emma

  6. Brittany

    Wow. Megan obviously your a insecure and shallow. She is beautiful and your a disgrace to society. There is no telling what is all wrong with you. So before you judge someone else.. Post a picture of yourself so we can pick out all your flaws loser.

  7. Billie

    I feel badly for you Megan, that you feel the need to leave such a nasty projecting comment on a strangers page. In case your mother didn’t teach you, the rule goes – if you don’t have something nice to say….you should probably take a look at your self and make some changes toward happy, or have the common sense to keep your mouth shut. Christy, I hope you don’t even look twice at her comment and that you continue to post your pictures. This is your experience, be brave, be righteous, be empowered. Don’t sweat the small minds that only get pleasure from causing others pain. 🙂 Congrats on your pregnancy. And to Megan, I hope you find something to fill the sad void in your personality. good luck to both of you.

  8. Angela Medici

    Not to be rude, but I kinda see where Megan is going with this. There is absolutely no way that any of you can tell me that this woman looks pregnant. For the most part she just looks extremely unhealthy and overweight. It’s not as though this photo is showing the shape of some lovely baby bump. If anything more emphasis should be placed on a healthy body weight when woman are pregnant. What kind of example of health is this mother to be setting for her unborn child. This is the ultimate picture of what most North Americans are becoming…sad to say

  9. Sheree

    You are Very blessed and lucky to be having a baby, no matter what size “still beautiful” !!!

  10. I am an overweight woman who is pregnant and I did not dare bare a nude belly until I was far along. I feel there is a right time to show a pic!!Not flattering… jus sayin

  11. kylie

    Youre so huge I don’t know how youd ever even see your baby bump! Obesity is no good for baby development!

  12. kylie

    How is this a beautiful thing? Glorifying carrying a baby when youre absolutely humongous? I’m not a thin girl, but I’m not opening up my baby to the risks this lady is. Do me and your baby a favor, lay off the McDonalds and ice cream while you’re pregnant!

  13. catherine

    Yes, carrying a baby is a beautiful thing, but there’s nothing beautiful about being obese and bringing a human being to life in these conditions. I truly admire women for posting pictures of their bellies, whether they are flat or with extra “love” and marks, but the most important thing really is to have healthy habits – physical activity and a balanced diet day after day!

  14. Lily

    I’m an obese woman who just found out.I am 10wks pregnant. Now I have read these comments and it pisses me off that some people wanna make comments about bringing a life while being so unhealthy in the weight. Well people sometime life happens and even when you think its impossible babies are made. Life finds a way. This is my second child and my first was a miracle and dream come true. No one can tell me because I am over weight I don’t deserve to be a mom. My son who is now 3 is perfect and was born 7lbs 7oz. Being bigger is also a high risk so just stop and think of people as people, big or small and what they are going through. This girl is in for a rough ride and might not even be a mom in the end. I am scared for my son to grow up w a obese mother simply because of judgemental small minded jerks out there who will mock him for what I am. I’ve taught my son good eating habits and to get out and exercise and I will continue to make the right choices for him. As I struggle w my own weight and demons I want to remind people no one is better than anyone, healthy or not.

  15. Julie

    These people posting negative comments are bringing babies into a much more toxic environment than a little fat could ever cause. Their children will grow up with narrow judging minds, and small world views, and god forbid they end up “fat” or “different”. The dangers of obesity during pregnancy are extremely exaggerated and misunderstood by most people.

  16. Julie

    Really Catherine, the “most important”? Your priorities sound vastly skewed.

  17. jay-lee

    i agree with lily you small minded bunch of oxegyn theifs. so long as mum and baby are healthy who cares we all know its dangerous to gain a over avrage amount of weight ..before you judged why didnt you stop to think if this lady had extra weight due to previous pregnancy…or thyroid poblems dont sit and judge until youve been there shame on you.

  18. elsi

    what happens if this women is trying to be healthy? we don’t know anything about her you are purely Judging her on her belly? this is site meant for positive feedback a place to post pictures share you stories what is wrong with some of you grow up!

  19. shocked

    Not everyone can be skinny

  20. robyn

    wow can’t believe what some people can say about someone who has done no harm to if you don’t like what you see then don’t look remember the world is round and things always come back to people. I have friends who are thin and struggle to have child because of the getting habits of always trying to have a good body so please think before you write

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