34 years old, 0 pregnancies

As you can see, I have several moles on my stomach (and thousands all over my body). I’ve always hated this “flaw”, but I’ve learned to accept it. As we get older, I think most of us get more comfortable in our skin, as we should. I eat mostly junk food and don’t exercise. I am me, and I am happy with who I am.


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10 responses to “34 years old, 0 pregnancies

  1. I like the moles!! They’re cool!

  2. cavewitch

    funny that you don’t like the moles…they are gorgeous. like a mysterious constellation.

  3. merit

    i guess i’m just being a copy-cat, but your moles are totally beautiful 🙂 i’m soooo jealous of them! ❤

  4. I have moles all over too! I used to hate them. However, that all changed when someone I was intimate with called them “Little constellations” and I have loved them ever since. 🙂

  5. Kevin

    You are human and beautiful they way you are.

  6. Vicki

    female body without moles is like a night sky without stars – this is my logo

  7. tj

    I love your belly & your moles

  8. Vicki

    Hi, my mail is znaminko7@gmail.com. I have lot of moles on my body and I love it now.

  9. i have nearly hundreds all over too.. so far nobody liked it, and 4 bf broke up with me because of them. owells

  10. Vicki

    Female body without moles is like a night sky without stars.

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