Aaaaand…we’re back!

Happy New Year!

Christy and I apologize for our long absence.  It has been a very full year, blahblahblah, but there’s really no excuse for being gone since October, and we know it.  We’re delighted to be up and running again, and will be posting bellies daily for the foreseeable future.  On that note, we are always delighted by belly submissions, so keep sending them in!  Our e-mail address is

I have a lingering wish to start a Breast Project blog similar to this one, that features pictures of naked (i.e., no shirt or bra or pasties or anything) breasts.  I have been hesitant to start this project because I’m not sure what the legal ramifications are – if there’s anyone out there who can provide me with this information I would be so very delighted!

Happy belly viewing!


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3 responses to “Aaaaand…we’re back!

  1. Arinn

    I love the breast project idea. I hope you can get that off the ground! I don’t think there are any legal ramifications…as long as the images are submitted with consent, are of women over 18, and they don’t show their faces it should be fine.

  2. Hmmm…this is a good site – similar in spirit to the one I’d like to make, but it’s more medical, and so I think less approachable. Thank you for the link!

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