29 years old, 0 pregnancies, 10 pound ovarian cyst removed when she was 23 years old



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3 responses to “29 years old, 0 pregnancies, 10 pound ovarian cyst removed when she was 23 years old

  1. lee

    this is such a great project! i think it is so important for us to see what real women look like. as for the glamour shoot, i understand where you’re coming from. there’s no way that these women are plus sized in real life. and for those of us who are, to be called such may feel like a slap in the face (at least, it does to me). however, i don’t think glamour is trying to be high an mighty. in the fashion world, the reality is those women ARE plus sized. “straight” (what they calle the “normal” sized) fashion models are size 4 and down, usually a 0 or 2. so, while it is insane to think that a size 6 is plus sized, they are labeled as such by the fashion industry. and while i don’t think it’s a huge leap for us glamour to show size 6 and up models nude in a magazine. i do think it’s better than the usual 0 and 2. i think it’s important to give glamour some support. and while doing that, urge them to go even further. to start showing real women, not fashion models, in magazines.

    p.s. i would love to be a part of this project. i will send you my photos. =)

  2. lexxy

    I really love this scar and the way it looks like a question mark. Its like its syaing that the past is behind her, and the future is a mystery.

  3. Summer Martin

    Hey, I know it’s a old post…. I’ve recently had a 10lb ovarian cyst removed 7th Dec 12. Aged 24, 0 pregnancies. My scar goes above my belly button, it’s 20cm long. Healing really well… How long did yours take to fade?

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