27 years old, 0 pregnancies



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8 responses to “27 years old, 0 pregnancies

  1. gjuit

    Wow, a whole site that is purported to make you feel better just makes you feel worse.

  2. gjuit, I am so sorry that you have felt worse as a result of looking at The Belly Project. That is certainly never our intention. Would you care to elaborate on your experience?

  3. gjuit

    Honestly all i see are two extremes, from perfectly flat to post-pregnancy.

  4. I guess I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “post-pregnancy.” Yes, a lot of the women who send us their bellies have had children. But there are women who haven’t had any children who have a rounder form (https://thebellyproject.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/23-years-old-0-pregnancies-0-babies-3/) and women who are technically post-pregnancy, who have had children, but have pretty flat bellies (https://thebellyproject.wordpress.com/2009/07/07/22-years-old-2-pregnancies-2-babies-a-2-year-old-and-a-5-month-old-vaginal-births/)

    Maybe the images that are up on the front page are not a good spectrum (by random chance), but if you scroll through the history, you might find more variation.

  5. gjuit

    I just got a little weirded out by the fact that as a 27 year old woman who has never had children I looked pretty much like most of the women my age who had been pregnant.

  6. Meems

    gjuit, I don’t know what you look like, but I’m 25, have never been pregnant or given birth, and do not have a flat belly. I’ve submitted a picture, but I’m sure that there are a ton of others that were sent in before mine. Point is…you’re not the only childless woman in her 20s who doesn’t have a tight, taut belly 🙂

    I am, however, disappointed that there was a month and a half break where no pictures were posted.

  7. Oh dear, I know. It was far, far too long between belly postings. Christy and I are busy, busy folks, and while The Belly Project is very, very important to us it does come third – behind our families and our pregnant mamas (for Christy) and our sex ed classes (for me). BUT! We do have lots of pictures coming up, and we’re back on the ball in getting them posting. If you didn’t hear from us today (and lots and lots of women did), you’ll hear from us next week.

    gjuiti, there are some pictures coming up in the next couple of weeks that I hope you’ll come back and see. There’s some nice variation among non-mothers.

  8. Daylight

    I’m 25 years old, no pregnancies, and my belly is definitely not flat! it is an okay size, but I see cellulite on my belly skin sometimes, and don’t like it at all. All I’m saying is that I know exactly what you’re feeling gjuit. I guess I just try to tell myself, ‘well, I’m really not that bad off with what I’ve got, so I’ll try to be happy with it’ But I bet when we’re 50, we’ll be dying to have the belly we have NOW! So we should just enjoy it now too.

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