21 years old, 0 pregnancies (obsessed with being thin)



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8 responses to “21 years old, 0 pregnancies (obsessed with being thin)

  1. Alejandra

    This hit a nerve with me. Am I the only one afraid of getting pregnant because of what it will do to my body? I don’t want to have a “fallen souffle” as one woman referred to it. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too vein to even consider having a family some day.

  2. Alejandra,

    It’s not uncommon at all to be worried about how pregnancy will change your body. And it’s not always for the worse – my environmental allergies went away completely when I got pregnant. But you can’t expect any one particular change or another because every pregnancy changes your body in unexpected ways.

    So it’s all in how much you’re concerned about your body and whether you want children more or less than that. If you are so concerned about your body that you are not willing to consider getting pregnant then you are probably not ready for a family. And you might never be ready for a family. And that’s okay! There are plenty of ways to be involved with children that do not entail having any of your own.

    So cut yourself some slack, value your body as it is, and get involved with Big Brothers, Big Sisters or some other organization where you can spend time with children. Over time either you’ll come to a place where your body matters less to you or you won’t. Or you’ll relax about your body and still not want children. It’s all fine!

  3. Rachel


    You are not alone! I’m 20 and really into fitness, too. I am particularly proud of my stomach and how it looks after all the hard work I put into maintaining my body every day. Seeing pictures (like those on this site) and hearing stories of pregnancy from older friends of mine fall just short of “traumatic” for me. I feel horrible about this, because everyone tells me that childbirth is “natural” (particularly my boyfriend, who is very unsympathetic to body image issues). I know that if my body did not make me happy, my life would be sad.

    I don’t think that being concerned for oneself before future children that aren’t even a possibility yet is not wrong. Be proud of your body, and reserve judgment on pregnancy until later! Best of luck.


  4. this is how i look after having 2 kids (i’m 24)i believe its all genetic i had no idea that pregnancy changed bodys when i got pregnant in the first place but if i did i assure you that my beautiful children are well worth it! Maybe someday when your older and your bodys already changed a bit lol you’ll change your mind anyways hahaha or maybe not? who knows only time will tell! loves!

  5. Jasa

    If you keep your skin supple – properly hydrated, healthy diet, moderate exercise, good lotion – your skin will recover well from pregnancy. I’m 25 & have had 1 child & I have NO stretch marks on my belly. True story.

  6. sara

    Karen, I love your wise words in the comments.

  7. Mel

    I also have similar worries about what pregnancy will do to my body, especially because it changed my mother’s body drastically (though she had twins, and later a tummy tuck). I do love kids though, so I remind myself that there are already many many children out there that need the care of a loving family. While some people don’t feel adoption is the same as having your own kids, to me my child will be my child, no matter how I come by him or her 🙂

  8. Brenna

    I myself have lots of loose skin and stretch marks. It doesn’t bother my husband at all. but with pregnancy, if its not one thing, then its another.

    My aunt is really skinny, shes had 4 children, all nautral, from 16 to almost 1, 2 of them were home born, and she has no stretch marks at all. If she grabbed her belly skin, she could pull it out a bit. But, she got bad vericose veins during pregnancy and had to have surgery on them. So if its not the belly, it might be something else.

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