66 years old, 7 pregnancies (2 babies, 5 abortions-1 illegal, vaginal orgasmic birth followed by psychically devastating C/section, cervical cancer, hysterectomy, menopause



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8 responses to “66 years old, 7 pregnancies (2 babies, 5 abortions-1 illegal, vaginal orgasmic birth followed by psychically devastating C/section, cervical cancer, hysterectomy, menopause

  1. jennifer Blackmore

    I think this is a woman who has seen so many different aspects of pregnancies. It is amazing. Seems as though she has been through a lot. Legal vs illegal. I wonder was it if it was due to the times of why it was illegal. At 66 it could be possible. The orgasmic birth fascinates me. I would love to sit down with her and hear all the details of her pregnancies and how she dealt with all of these things. Strong is all I can say.

  2. This is absolutely fantastic. What a woman she must be.

  3. Ashleigh

    I don’t find this woman strong at all. 5 abortions seems like a very cowardly thing to do. In my opinion a strong woman would’ve put another person’s life before her own. She’s not strong, she’s selfish.

  4. Zannah Merrill-Bernath

    I thought this blog was supposed to be a positive experience of women loving themselves and each other. I understand that abortion is rightfully emotional and controversial, but part of the Belly Project is that we know nothing about the bellies we meet except a brief outline of their reproductive history. We don’t get diet, exercise regimens or information about genetics- and we don’t know why this woman had five abortions, or how she feels about them, or any other potentially mitigating information, for those of us who are pro-life. So I don’t think this is a place for judging, either positively or negatively.

  5. Brittany Featherstone

    EXACTLY! What if you became pregnant 5 times with children who would not survive if delivered. What if she were raped that many times and became pregnant??? It’s none of anyone’s business to judge and at 66 even if she did it out of selfishness years ago in her reproductive years… maybe she doesn’t feel that way at all. I know plenty of women who were raped and became pregnant by FAMILY members and had many abortions… would you be strong enough to carry that child knowing that daddy’s “loving” body was pushed up against your back violating your privates and injecting his seed into you causing you to swell and give birth to your brother or sister? Probably not would be my answer. It’s easy to judge when you’re not in that person’s shoes and that to me sounds like you’re the one who’s weak to forget what people go through.

  6. Missy H

    Im sorry but I have to agree with you ashleigh. Five abortions is absolutlely ridiculous. And Zannah, I’d love to be positive here, but what about five DEAD BABIES is positive? Nothing as far as I can see. I think it’s disgusting. The doctor should’ve sterilized her after the second

  7. Catalina

    It’s not up to you to decide what others do. Bringing babies into the world that can not be taken care of is the biggest crime against nature. And if she’d decided to give them up for adoption…I don’t see you running to the doors of the adoption agency to adopt all 5 of them. Not only that, but 70 years ago, things were nothing like today. So many things were going on during her prime time economical wise and Women were treated completely different and your family would do nothing more than turn their back on you if you shamed them in any way. You have no right to say such cruel things to a woman you know nothing about. She’s beautiful and deserves the utmost respect for doing what was right by her, not what was ‘right’ by others.

  8. Shannon

    This makes me so sad. Beautiful, innocent babies that did not get the chance to live.

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