57 years old, 3 pregnancies (2 babies, 1 miscarriage)



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14 responses to “57 years old, 3 pregnancies (2 babies, 1 miscarriage)

  1. why filed under: Crone? it means hag/old woman!! maybe you should remove my photo from your site. I don’t appreciate the link!!

  2. Not at all, Jeanne, Crone means Wise Woman. In the context of this site, we are categorizing women who have passed through menopause as Crones. This is taken from the archetype of Maiden/Mother/Crone, and it is a term of honor and respect.

    However, we will of course either remove the category or take your picture down if you would prefer.

  3. My misunderstanding was of your use of the word. But your misunderstanding is of its origin. The etymology of crone dates back to 14th century Middle English; the word comes from the Anglo-French caroine or charoine, which means: dead flesh; it’s a term of abuse, and means a withered old woman or hag. It seldom has any positive connotations. Using it to represent a wise woman is truly a stretch.
    Why not just stick with “post-menopausal” ??
    I’ll take you up on your offer to remove the category from my photo. Thank you! You have assuaged my offense.
    hopefully w/ wisdom,

  4. I am so glad I have assuaged your offense, Jeanne! Thank you for bringing your discomfort to our attention.


  5. This photo is SO obviously photoshopped, it’s embarrassing. Particularly noticeable is the line where the skin and the underwear meets! Ridiculous! If you’re gonna airbrush, at least do a stealth job…

  6. doubting

    no way the skin on this body is 57 years old…

  7. for Chantal: photo is untouched…. no photoshopping here.

  8. Rachel

    The underwear line does look VERY fake. Almost cartoon looking, like the underwear were drawn on.

  9. Denise

    It makes me sad to see Chantel, doubting, and rachel condemning this picture over such a petty issue. So often, women are damned if they do, damned if they don’t – scorned if they show signs of age, or are outside the lines of “conventional beauty” in other ways, and are judged no less harshly if they appear more youthful than they are, and are considered more “conventionally attractive.” The photo may be retouched, or it may not be (since it is anonymous, I question who would go through the hassle), but I don’t think that it matters much. Instead of tearing these pictures (and the women they belong to) apart, wouldn’t it be more constructive to create an encouraging, open space for ALL bellies and all of the stories that they tell, so that the idea of retouching a photo would be too absurd to think of?

  10. sara

    hear hear, Denise.

  11. Thank you, Denise, for your wise words.

  12. Amy

    That is a *gorgeous* 57-year-old tummy…or tummy of any age, for that matter!

  13. Deb

    I am inspired by this photo, as a 58 year old woman, I have been trying to find pictures of women my age whose tummys look this good. Now I know my workouts will not be in vain.

    Thanks for the hope

  14. Kevin

    I know women in their 20’s that would kill for a belly like yours, WOW! Absolutely beautiful!

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