43 years old, 2 pregnancies (2 babies, 1st birth vaginal at 38 years old, 2nd birth C/section at 40 years old)



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5 responses to “43 years old, 2 pregnancies (2 babies, 1st birth vaginal at 38 years old, 2nd birth C/section at 40 years old)

  1. Liz

    How did you get your bellly so flat after a c section? I’m 7 months post and I got the upper part good but a ooch on the buttom:(

  2. Emily

    Can posts like the one above please be banned? They value a flat belly over other kinds, which I think is against the purpose of this site. It really made me sad.

  3. christytashjian

    Karen and I are not interested in banning any woman’s belly; each belly is beautiful, whether fluffy or flat, and we certainly do not value one belly over another. I am sorry you felt sad while looking at any of these pictures as we are really trying to help women feel empowered here.

  4. Carol

    Christy, I think you misunderstood Emily’s post. She was sad at the *post* above hers – not at the pic. She thought that the previous poster valued a flat stomach was contrary to the site’s aims, and she was asking that such posts be banned – not the pics of various types of belly.

    My personal slant on this is that generally I like the way that you generally respond to such posts – rather than outright banning you reply with a post that teaches acceptance. There are bound to be many women who envy the flat bellies, and in replying rather than banning you are educating us all.

  5. Brittany Featherstone

    All bellies are cute. If I ever lost my flabber flabbity flab I’d like to post my progress. I think every woman’s belly is an unbelievable vessel with miraculous power given by God. I believe flat or round, square or saggy they’re all created by the Lord and valued by their children who grew there. I am rather round and flabby but I love seeing women who have lost their baby weight and stuff and are feeling good about themselves. Nice work belly project 🙂

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