31 years old, 1 pregnancy (1 baby)




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8 responses to “31 years old, 1 pregnancy (1 baby)

  1. This makes me so happy.

  2. Zsera

    Awesome! Love it!

  3. Emily

    Never considered getting a tattoo until I saw this.

  4. kate

    I love your tattoo. It’s beautiful how it changes with the pregnancy.

  5. hehe really nice tattoo. It’s cute!

  6. It almost give me ideas for my website 🙂
    belly 2 baby announcements.

  7. charlene

    would love to see post baby picture of belly!

  8. Todd

    Now if this isn’t a CLASSIC example of pregnancy bellybutton evolution,I don’t know what is!!!And I’m probably the only one who noticed it because everyone else is fixated on this mom-to-be’s tattoo and not the button in the center of it.So,let’s see exactly what transpired in regards to her bellybutton as her pregnant belly grew and grew and grew some more.As you can see in the top photo which was obviously taken in the earliest months of pregnancy,her bellybutton is no doubt an innie and a rather deep innie at that.Now fast forward several months towards the end of her pregnancy and that same button which was formerly a deep innie has been MAGICALLY TRANSFORMED into what can now be called an outie.Some people may call it a borderline outie due to the fact that it’s not poking very far out of her belly,but it doesn’t have to.I mean if it’s out of the belly,then it’s an OUTIE BELLYBUTTON plain and simple!!!This is the very thing I LOVE so much about pregnant bellies and bellybuttons.You just NEVER know what the button is going to do because it truly does have a mind of its own!!!!!!!!!!!

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