40 years old, 3 pregnancies (3 babies)



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8 responses to “40 years old, 3 pregnancies (3 babies)

  1. her husband

    now that’s a totally hot belly!

  2. kgirl and Kelly, I totally understand your response to this belly! The lovely owner of this belly happens to be a friend of mine, and my belly happens to look nothing like hers.

    But here’s the thing: My belly looks nothing like this one because it’s not this one. Her belly carried and bore her children. Her belly has been through her experiences, her meals, her lovers, her clothes, all with her. She has had good experiences and bad experiences with that belly. We all have had good and bad experiences with our bellies.

    Take a good look at your belly. It is beautiful because it is your own and because it whispers your story. Just as we all have our own stories and paths to walk, we have our own bellies to wear. Your belly is every inch as wonderful as this one simply because it is yours.

  3. anonymous

    any plastic surgery??? or exercise???

  4. Vicki

    WOW! You look great after 3 babies. What is your secret?

  5. Cat

    I really like your belly button. I’ve never seen one with such character. Mine’s terribly boring, like someone poked their finger in me!

  6. Frensisa

    Absolutely stunning!

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