59 years old, 1 pregnancy (baby given up for adoption 40 years ago)



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9 responses to “59 years old, 1 pregnancy (baby given up for adoption 40 years ago)

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  2. kate

    unnecessary information

  3. If this is the information this mother (who never got to mother her child and obviously grieves or would not have mentioned it) wants to provide, it’s her right to do so. I say “Bravo!” for sharing.

  4. I agree, Julietta. The adoption of her baby is an integral part of her reproductive history for her.

  5. Michelle

    I think it is quite pertinent information. I was adopted one week after birth and I know that my birthmother treasured her marks as a signifier of my time with her. Thank you birthmom for your candor.

  6. Dawna

    Somewhere there’s another woman saying “Gosh I can’t believe I’m 40!” and grateful to be alive. Thank you for your sacrifice.

  7. On Thursday Jane will officially be 39 weeks pregnant and we’ll be going to her next doctor’s appointment on Friday….

  8. sandra

    my daughter was adopted 40 years plus i named her dentse dodd or appleby born in newcastle was in the salvatoin home for unmarried mothers had her in the genaral newcastle time has not been good

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