What does your belly look like?

Welcome to our new project!  Women (and sometimes men…you know who you are…) can be obsessed with their bodies.  Hair, nails, toes, skin, breasts, hips, eyes, they all get fixated on.  But perhaps nothing is as preoccupying to us as our bellies.  Our bellies are intimately related our sexuality and to our reproductive lives.  It’s a complicated interaction, that confluence of sex and babies.

So, with that in mind, this blog is a place to come and put our bellies in perspective and to share them anonymously with the great wide Internetz.

We will include pictures of women’s bellies, their age, and the number of pregnancies, abortions, and miscarriages they have had.

So do you want to be part of the belly project?  Send us your belly picture, your age, and your reproductive history.


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4 responses to “What does your belly look like?

  1. Goodness, Ketch, that’s pretty harsh. Shameful? I mean, really. This is a site to support women – not call them shameful. And I think all of these bellies are pretty, beautiful, sexy, wonderful.

  2. Very harsh. And I am guessing this comment is not from a woman, or one who has been pregnant.

    Some of us eat well, exercise plenty, and still cannot change the bellies we have. Our bodies were stretched out by small humans we carried inside us.

    I say we only allow positive comments on this site. It was hard enough for me to share what I look like, as I am terribly self-conscious about my natural belly. I don’t need someone calling me shameful and putting me down; I have been doing that to myself for years. It’s time to stop, no?

  3. Agreed, Julietta, Ketch’s comment is gone.

  4. Becky

    There are days when I look at my body and think, “wow, I’m quite gorgeous,” but then there are other days when I wish I could just scoop all of the fat out of my body with a knife. Lately I’ve been trying not to focus on what I look like and just have fun with my life, after all I’m only 16, and it helps with my self-image. I feel prettier when I’m happier. I think every woman is like that, even the really skinny women probably feel fat and ugly when they are stressed.

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